Bush Trimming

Don’t let your hedges and shrubs grow out-of-control. Well-maintained and well-manicured hedges and shrubs are healthy hedges and shrubs. Don’t wait until you have unhealthy, scraggly, hedges or shrubs before having them pruned or trimmed. Matlock Lawn Care believes your home or business is one of your greatest assets. Keep its lawn, hedges and shrubs well-maintained and protect your investment.

As all plantings get bigger they need to be pruned for both aesthetic and health reasons. When trimming shrubs and bushes, we practice both shape pruning for a defined look and selective hand pruning giving a more natural look.




One of the best ways to define the look of your yard is having the right amount of mulch. Not only is it critical to the health of your landscape but it is crucial to keep moisture in the ground.

Matlock Lawn Care uses the highest quality premium died mulch at no addition cost to the client. Some of the benefits to this are:

·Holds color for 9 months without fading

    ·Premium mulch is best for bug repellent

    ·Guaranteed desired look every time

(Double ground natural mulch available by request at no extra charge)




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