In the spring, everything begins to grow rapidly after the dormant period of winter. Consider these spring lawn care tips to help bring your yard back to life:

As grass comes out of dormancy from the long winter, it should be checked for lawn diseases, such as dead spots and insects like grubs. Healthy lawns that receive proper year-round yard care and lawn treatments offered by Matlock Lawn Care - tend to be more resistant to disease and pests all year long.


The most common fertilizer treatment is a 6 step processes.

After a complete analysis of your lawn we will tailor a program to your lawns needs to achieve a yard and property you are proud of.


Step 1 - Early Spring: Our first visit is designed to help your lawn recover from winter stress and to promote early spring growth and green up. We also apply crabgrass control.


Step 2 - Spring: In the spring, your lawn needs extra nutrients to maintain color and density. While feeding the lawn, we will also treat existing weeds and apply a second application of crabgrass control.


Step 3 - Early Summer: Summer conditions can stress your lawn. To prepare for the warm season ahead, we fertilize, look for problems, and treat weeds as necessary. Remember to water, early morning.


Step 4 - Late Summer: Care continues with a summer fertilizer application that helps maintain color without encouraging excess growth. Weeds will be treated if necessary, and if grubs are present, we will recommend a control option for you.


Step 5 - Early Fall: Your lawn needs help rebounding from summer stress. We provide proper fertilization to facilitate recovery, and treat weeds as necessary.


Step 6 - Late Fall/Winterize: Preparing for winter we use fertilizer that promotes root growth and food storage important for your lawn’s survival during winter


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